Who We Are

The beginning of Instant Risk Coverage (IRC) came from an pretty standard event. While booking some ice time we realized the amount of hurdles and inefficiencies that are involved in getting facility use insurance in its current state. Having to fill out information on a paper and apply for the insurance, and not receiving information on the policy just seemed off. This sparked the beginnings of IRC and our mission became developing an application to supply Facility Use Insurance as conveniently and efficiently as possible.


We began to start researching what would be required for the program to accomplish our mission. We became aware of how RIBO was frustrated with the current process since cities were in essence acting as brokers and took it upon ourselves to become an MGA. We began a relationship with Lloyds building our product to ensure nothing was forgotten every step of the way.


Currently the software provides the following features with the flexibility to be adapted to client's individual needs:

  • Create a profile to fill out allĀ future insurance applications with
  • Access unpaid for and past issued certificates of insurance
  • Pay for insurance online through a fast and secure provider Stripe
  • Generate and download certificate of insurance within seconds after purchase
  • Ability to instantly email a copy of certificate of insurance to both the user and the municipality or entity


For more details on the IRC vision please see the following documents: